Circular Letters

1. CL01 (1999/6/5) Thanks and Welcome, ICM2002-server in action Preliminary registration for ICM2002.
2. CL02 (2000/8/31) Welcome to ICM2002 in Beijing.
3. CL03 (2000/10/19) ICM2002 Financial Support for Mathematicians from Developing Countries and Eastern European Countries.
4. CL04 (2000/11/24) Bids for ICM-2006.
5. CL05 (2001/1/4) Section Descriptions
6. CL06 (2001/1/19) Satellite Conference Descriptions
7. CL07 (2001/3/15) Travel Grants for Young Mathematicians to Attend the International Congress of Mathematicians
8. CL08 (2001/3/16) Fields/Nevanlinna Nominations
9. CL09 (2001/5/23) Exhibition on Publication and Software of Mathematics
10. CL10 (2001/7/3) Financial Support for Mathematicians From Eastern Europe
11. CL11 (2001/7/3) Financial Support for Mathematicians From Developing Countries
12 CL12 (2001/9/5) First Announcement for the ICM2002
13 CL13(2001/12/31) Travel Grants for Senior Mathematicians from developing countries and Mathematicians from Eastern Europe.
14 CL14(2002/1/14) Second Announcement/Registration/Submission of Papers.
15 CL15(2002/4/4) Reminder for Early Formal Registration and Submission of Abstracts.
16 CL16(2002/4/4) Plenary Speakers and Invited Speakers.
17 CL17(2002/4/24) Second Reminder for Early Formal Registration and Submission
18 CL18(2002/7/2) Facilities in the Lecture Rooms.
19 CL19(2002/7/5) Footloose Tours
20 CL20(2002/7/11) Footloose Tours Second Announcement
21 CL21(2002/8/5) Registration and Hotel Reservation
22 CL22(2002/8/12) Arrival, Registration and Opening Ceremony
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