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Travel Grants for Young Mathematicians to Attend the International Congress of

To all mathematicians who are interested in attending the International Congress of Mathematicians 2002 in Beijing. 

Circular letter #7 (March 15, 2001)
Subject: ICM2002-CL7: Travel Grants for Young Mathematicians to Attend the International Congress of Mathematicians

Date: March 15, 2001

The International Mathematical Union will award travel grants to young mathematicians to help them to attend the ICM-2002, Beijing, China, August 20-28, 2002. The grants are intended for young mathematicians from developing countries (not necessarily members of IMU). Please notice that mathematicians from Eastern European countries, even those with strict monetary regulations, are not part of this program, but shall also be specially considered directly by the Local Organizing Committee.

The age-limit for the grantees is 35 years on the occasion of the Congress. The candidates should present evidence of research work at the post-doctoral level, and they should be able to benefit from the interaction with mathematicians from other countries attending the Congress.

In addition to the name and address of the candidate, including e-mail address and fax number when available, the applications should contain a brief curriculum vitae, including date of birth, plus a list of publications (papers published or definitively accepted for publication).

The Local Organizing Committee of the International Congress of Mathematicians will provide a special allowance to the grantees to cover their registration, board and lodging.

Applications for the travel grant may be sent directly to the Secretary of the Union. Applications may also be submitted through the National Committees for Mathematics, which in such a case will send all the relevant information about the candidates to the Secretary.

All applications should reach the Secretary by January 31, 2002:


Phillip A. Griffiths (Secretary)
Institute for Advanced Study
Einstein Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA
Tel: (609) 734-8200
Fax: (609) 683-7605
E-mail: imu@ias.edu

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