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Exhibition on Publication and Software of Mathematics

To all mathematicians who are interested in attending the International Congress of Mathematicians 2002 in Beijing. 

Circular letter #9 (May 23, 2001)
Subject: ICM2002-CL9: Exhibition on Publication and Software of Mathematics
Date: May 23, 2001

Dear Colleague:

Accompanying the International Congress of Mathematicians 2002, an exhibitionon publications and software of mathematics will take place simultaneously.The exhibition will feature newly published periodicals, textbooks, monographs, electronic publications and software.

The Organizing Committee is now calling for potential exhibits for the exhibition. Please find the information for the exhibition bellow, The application form for the exhibition can be downloaded at http://www.icm2002.org.cn/

Sincerely Yours

Zhi-ming Ma

Chairman, ICM2002 Organizing Committee

Information and Application Form
for Exhibition on Publication and Software of Mathematics
at ICM-2002, Beijing

August 19 Installation, Exhibits Move-In and Registration
August 20-28 Exhibition
August 29 Exhibits Move-Out

Booth Rates
1. Raw space - 90 US dollars per square meter (carpet only, minimum 18 square meters;design, layout, and fittings must be arranged by the exhibitors at their own cost; to be setup by the official contractor only)

2. Shell scheme booth (3 by 3 meters)-1900 US dollars per booth (with carpet, standard rear and side drapery, fascia board, one table, two chairs, a 5A/220v socket, two spotlights, and one waste basket).

The following services will be provided to the exhibitors:

  • Assistance with visa application

  • Assistance with arrangement for accommodation

  • Assistance with import of materials

  • Inclusion in the Exhibition Directory

  • One invitation to the Congress Opening Ceremony and the

  • Opening Reception Invitation to other related Congress functions

  • Security and cleaning in the exhibition site

  • Location of the Exhibition
    The exhibition will be located in the same building as ICM 2002. The booths will be set up in the public areas around the various session rooms.

    Reservation Procedure
    1. Complete the application form and send it to the address below.
    2. Send in a deposit of US$ 500 to the exhibition organizer before March 1, 2002.
    3. Upon receipt of deposit, the organizer will mail to the exhibitor the Exhibitor's Manual including information on importing and freight forwarding, booth design and setup, additional furniture, staffing, advertising, visa application, and accommodation.
    4. Settle the balance of payment before June 1, 2002.

    Important Notice
    According to the current Chinese Customs Regulations, the exhibitors can not sell their exhibits on the spot. But they can accept orders from the delegates during the Congress and mail the publications to the delegates after the Congress.

    Shipping and Customs Clearance
    Jinma International Transport Agent Corp. is appointed as the official freight forwarder to undertake shipping and customs clearance. For further information, please contact:

    Mr. Liu Yong
    Jinma International Transport Agent Corp. 4/F Minmetals Office, 15 Bldg.
    Block 4, Anhui Li ,Beijing 100101, China
    Tel. (010) 6489 6788
    Fax. (010) 6495 5826
    Email: yongliu-bjs@hotmail.com

    Insertion of Catalogues and Pamphlets
    It is welcome to inert catalogues and other promotional materials into the registration kits of the Congress delegates. The cost is as follows:

    800 US dollars per catalogue with a few pamphlets from one same company

    Contact Address
    Mr. LIU Feng, CICCST, 86 Xueyuan Nan Road, Beijing 100081, China
    Fax. (86-10) 6218 0142
    Email: fliu@ciccst.org.cn

    Bank Draft:
    Made payable to CICCST/ICM2002 and sent to Mr. LIU Feng, CICCST/ICM2002, 86 Xueyuan Nan Road, Beijing 100081, China
    Bank Transfer:
    Bank: Bank of China Head Office Banking Department,
            410 Fuchengmen Nei Dajie, Beijing 100818, China
    Account Name: CICCST
    Account No.: 00038018241014
    Remitter's Message: ICM2002 Exhibition

    Download the Application form for Exhibition. This is a PDF file.

    2002 © Copyright by Chinese Mathematical Society. All Rights Reserved