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International Congress of Mathematicians 2002

Beijing, China, August 20-28, 2002

To all mathematicians who are interested in attending the International Congress of Mathematicians 2002 in Beijing. 

Circular letter #2 (August 18, 2000)

Subject: ICM2002-CL2: Welcome to ICM2002

Dear Colleague:

The next International Congress of Mathematicians will take place in Beijing, People's Republic of China, August 20-28, 2002. For pre-registration forms and additional information, please visit the following web site 


or e-mail the organizers at icmsec@beijing.icm2002.org.cn. Pre-registrants will automatically receive progress reports on the upcoming Congress as well as final registration materials.

The International Congress of Mathematicians takes place every four years and is supported by the International Mathematical Union (IMU). For information regarding the IMU, please visit its web site:


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