Mathematical Biology

Guangxi Nomal University , Guilin,  Aug. 15-18, 2002
Publication: The proceedings will be published as a special issue of the international journal Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems-B
Participants are encouraged to submit their paper to the Proceedings after carefully reading the "Notice about the Proceedings of Mathematical Biology".
Topics: This conference will focus on recent advances in the theory and applications of Mathematical Biology. There will be several invited expository addresses covering recent trends and many invited lectures on problems of current interest and important applications in various disciplines. 
  • Mathematical Ecology
  • Epidemiology
  • Biometrics
  • Bio-informatics
  • Mathematical neuroscience
  • Related mathematical problems in Biology
  • Theoretical Ecology & Ecological Modeling


Scientific Committee:










Honorary Chair:
Robert M. May , Oxford University, U.K.

Lansun Chen , <> Institute of Mathematics, CAS China
K.Sigmund , Austria (plenary speaker on ICM)

Dianmo Li , Academia Sinica, China
Bai-Lian Li , University of California, Riverside, USA

Carlos Castillo-Chivez, U.S.A.
B.D. Sleeman, U.K.
Fred Brauer, Canada
H. Smith, U.S.A.
Jianhong Wu, Canada
Jim M Cushing, U.S.A.
Jun Zhu , China
L.M. Ricciardi, Italy
O. Diekmann, Netherlands
Paolo Fergola, Italy
Paul Waltman, U.S.A.
S.A. Levin, U.S.A
Shigui Ruan, Canada
S.Rionero, Italy
T.Yanagawa, Japan
T.G. Hallam, U.S.A.
Yang Kuang, U.S.A.
Zhengyi Lu , China
Zhien Ma, China
Zuori Shen, China

Organizing Committee:



Muren Liu (Chair), Guangxi Normal University
Qichang Yang , China
Shigui Ruan, Canada
Yang Kuang, U.S.A.
Yong Jiang ,China
Youlin Jiang ,China
Zhaofang Zeng ,China
Zhengyi Lu ,China

Plenary Speakers:





Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Cornell University, U.S.A.
Dan Cohen , The Hebrew University, Israel.
Jim M Cushing , University of Arizona, U.S.A.
Boris Kompare , Slovenia .
L.M. Ricciardi, Universita` Federico II di Napoli, Italy
Shigui Ruan , Dalhousie University, Canada
K. Sigmund, University of Vienna, Austria
Glenn Webb, Vanderbilt University, U.S.A.
T. Yanagawa,Kyushu University, Japan

Invited Speakers:













Reinhard B┨rger , University of Vienna, Austria
Robert Stephen Cantrell , The University of Miami, USA
Mark Chaplain , The University of Dundee, U.K.
Jon Greenman, University of Stirling, Scotland
Shay Gueron , University of Haifa, Israel
Mats Gyllenberg, University of Turku, Finland
Karl-Peter Hadeler, Universit?t T┨bingen, Germany
Avidan U. Neumann , Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Fergola Paolo , Universit┐ di Napoli "Federico II", Italy
Hong Qian , University of Washington, U.S.A.
Lisa Sattenspiel , University of Missouri, U.S.A.
Joseph So ,University of Alberta, Canada
Yasuhiro Takeuchi ,Shizuoka University, Japan
Shimon Ullman , The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Yingfei Yi , Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A.
Xingfu Zou , Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Jifa Jiang ,University of Science & Technology of China
Zhengyi Lu ,Wenzhou Normal University, China
Minping Qian ,Peking UniversityChina
Zuorui Shen ,China Agricultural University
Wendi Wang ,Southwest Normal University, China
Yicang Zhou ,Xian Jiaotong University, China
Jun Zhu ,Zhejiang University, China
Chao Li ,Northern Forestry Center Canada
Alain Franc ,France
Horst Malchow ,University of Osnabrueck, Germany

Person to Contact: Program Secretary:
Dr. Shengqiang Liu <>, Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica, 
Beijing, 10080, P.R.China

Conference Secretaries:
Ms. Xiao-he Qin
Ms. Jia-yi Dai

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Guilin 541004, P. R. China
Tel.: (0086)773-5857157 or (0086)773-5857127
Fax : (0086)773-5850305 or (0086)773-5812383


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